Artists' Opportunities Guide: General


This guide is designed as a resource for Royal Drawing School alumni.

It is intended as a way of sharing information between alumni for their own use.

PLEASE NOTE: These organisations are not connected to the Royal Drawing School so please take the time to research any opportunity carefully before investing your time and money in applying. For example, it can be helpful to look at which artists have been selected in the past, who sits on any judging panel, and to visit the relevant exhibition.

Feedback is welcome -

General guidance for artists

Artists U is a US-based grassroots planning and professional development programme run by and for artists. Entirely free and open-source. They provide guides on things like 'Artists Raising Kids', 'Secrets of the Grant', 'Making Your Life as an Artist'

Useful guidance on how to write artist's CVs, apply for grants, and lots more.

A US-based list of Visual Arts Resources including some advice and guidance sites.


SPACE Studios
SPACE runs 18 buildings across London (3 of which they own), providing workspace for over 700 artists. You need to register before applying for studios.

Bow Arts
Bow Arts specialise in studios for emerging artists and aim to provide affordable studios. They also offer Live Work accommodation.

Art Hub
Studios with access to ceramics, carpentry, framing and printing facilities. In Deptford and Woolwich.

Lewisham Arthouse
45 studios in Deptford.

Old Police Station
Over 40 artists' studios in Deptford, Brockley and Camberwell.

Curious Projects Artist Studios
Affordable studio space in Eastbourne.

East Street Arts
Affordable studio space in Leeds.

Yorkshire Artspace
Affordable studio space across four buildings in Sheffield for over 140 artists and craftspeople.